I’m a softie.

** This post is a reflection on myself to get my thoughts straight. **


 People who know me might be a bit put off by the title of this post. Despite my likeable huge cheeks, I consider myself not someone to be messed with. A control freak? Definitely. Someone who likes to take the lead? Very often! But a softie is not something people and myself associate ‘me’ with.

I’m a softie. I learn about communication. I learn about social media. I learn about information systems and knowledge systems. I learn about the impacts of all of these on strategy, on the organisation and on the world as a whole. And I find it all incredibly interesting. But, one should never forget to look at the even bigger whole: I’m a softie. Despite me knowing loads of stuff about my interest fields, I do not know how to code or how to build a database. I am not a computer scientist and I don’t want to be one either.

The only thing I cannot stand, however, is to stay as soft as I am. I don’t want to be a softie. I don’t want to be just a ‘communication girl’. I want to harden myself. I have taken my first step in this by joining the MSc Knowledge and Information Systems Management at the University of Southampton in September, where I’m learning way more about the technical and managerial side of businesses and communication. The more lectures I attend, the more assignments I do, the less I feel like just a communicator. I’m starting to feel more of an IS analyst. But I don’t want and will not stop there. I use the power of MOOCs to broaden my knowledge even further, to learn myself how to code. I’ve started to take my first steps into the world of Python, Hadoop, Javascript, SAS and PHP, and I’m loving every second of it. (I think) I will never be a developer, but I do want to understand as much as there is to know about the systems. I want to combine my hard and soft side together, becoming… Sard? Hoft? In any case a combination of both.

So, I might have been a softie. But you just wait for me to harden up!



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